Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bags of Loot

A few months ago there was a major “kid stuff sale” in town.  It was one of those sales that if you want to sell stuff, you buy a table or two for all your stuff.  There were not near enough tables for the number of people who wanted to sell stuff, so it ended up that there were a lot of people who just listed things they wanted to sell, on the Facebook page.  On woman had 2 bags of girl’s clothes for sale at $30 a bag, sizes 2-7.  I asked if she’d knock the price down for both bags & she agreed to sell them for $45.


Once I got everything washed & sorted, I was astounded at just how much clothing was there.  Each stack is a different size starting with size 2 on the left, up to size 7 on the far right.  Up until that point, Chancery had been wearing mostly cast-offs from Asher, & I cannot tell you how many times she was mistaken for a boy.  It was an honest mistake, when she’s wearing boy’s jeans, a blue t-shirt & a hunter green winter coat, having a headband in her hair just doesn’t seem like enough to offset all the boy coloured clothes.





I’ve got all the clothes organized & put in bins, & I think she’s pretty set for the next few years.  Sure, she’ll still end up with a few of Asher’s hand-me-downs, like coats & sweaters, but with all the pink & purple she’ll be wearing underneath, hopefully being mistaken for a boy will be a thing of the past.


  1. good deal!! I arrived at a garage sale one time and they were all leaving but had a bunch of girl clothes still left over, so she just handed me bags of clothes for free. Laurelin had clothes for a couple of years. I love the generosity of strangers. :)

  2. Good find, Sherilyn!

  3. I like it very much!