Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Drip, Drop

Last week, with the family all here, we had a good time. There was one morning that I think back on especially when I'm sitting in the kitchen.....


*knock knock*


*knock knock knock*



I roll over & check the alarm clock, it reads 2:45. Is that really someone knocking on our bedroom door? I guess I'd better check.

I open the door to reveal my brother Brian, quite alert for this time of day. This had better not be a "come see the sunrise" invitation.

"You might want to wake up PChad. We have a water problem!" he says excitedly.

So what if they don't have hot water, they shouldn't be showering at 2:30am anyways.
"What kind of a problem?" I ask patiently.

"As in, 'there's water dripping from the kitchen ceiling & running into our room in the basement!" Brian replies.

I suppose I DO want to wake up PChad. It takes a bit of shaking to extract him from his slumber, but he quickly responds to my statement, "Brian says we have a water leak."

We make our way to the kitchen to discover 2 paint bubbles, filled with water, roughly the size of soup cans. One cupboard's contents were thoroughly soaked, thankfully it was mostly measuring cups contained there.

Brian thoughtfully grabbed the rice cooker bowl off the counter & punctured one of the paint bubbles above the cupboard.

PChad, having just been awakened & not fully cognizant, thought, I should get something to put under this before I pop it...... *poke* "Whoops!"

After I fetched an armful of towels I was told I could return to bed & I did without a second thought.

Now I have a lovely section of ceiling that needs re-mudding, taping & painting, but it could have been a lot worse. Apparently our rocking toilet upstairs finally rocked hard enough to break the water inlet pipe. (We have since replaced it with a flexible one.)


  1. and stopped the rocking of the toilet. :)

  2. Heh, i was going to add, you might want to put a new wax ring on that toilet and fasten it properly because most likely the sewer connection isn't airtight like it's supposed to be. :)