Thursday, 28 May 2015

Crime & Punishment

Yesterday Chancery got a time-out, & she stomped her way to the stairs for her 6 minute punishment.  When it was over, I told her to come & talk to me.

Chancery: “Do you forgive me, Mummy?”

Me: “Yes, I forgive you.  Will you try not to do that again?”

Chancery: “Yes, I’ll try not to do that again… Are all of my 6 minutes over?”

Me: “Yes.”

Chancery: “Six minutes is quick!”

Me: “Should I give you longer time-outs?  I’ll have to give you another minute when you turn 7, but should I just start giving you longer ones now?”

Chancery: “Well, when I turn 7, you can give me 8 minutes then, ok?”

Me: “Well, we’ll try 7 minutes & see how it goes.”

Chancery: “Ok, I just like asking if you’ll forgive me at the end of them.”

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