Friday, 1 May 2015

A Gathering of Generations

IMG_7061The second surprise for my Dad was that we were all going up to Lynden to have breakfast with the extended family.  We had 4 generations represented.  All in all a great turn out!

 IMG_7076 In the front, are the cousins, along the right side of the ‘L’ are the parents, & Great Uncles & Aunts, & in the booths in the back are the cousins’ kids.


IMG_7079 Great Uncle Bill always has good stories!

IMG_7080 There are 21 cousins, & 10 of us made it to breakfast (we took this picture after Michael left).  Represented in this picture are Washington, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, & Prince Edward Island!

IMG_7096 After breakfast we went to Grandma’s farm, & of course had to swing on the rope in the haymow!

IMG_7102 Then we went to visit Grandma.  We had a nice time reminiscing & visiting together.

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