Monday, 16 February 2015

Snow Storm “Neptune”

We have had a lot of snow in the past 2 days… 70cm, (or 27.5”).  They pulled the plows off the roads yesterday at noon, & have already cancelled school & government offices for tomorrow.  Everyone headed outside for a bit this morning.  Chad was busy snow blowing the driveway, while the older boys worked on the back deck.  And while they were outside in the snow, the littles & I were inside defrosting the freezer, or playing with snow inside!

 IMG_20150216_084317 The car was a bit buried…

IMG_20150216_094300 It took almost an hour to get one small path down to the road since the drifts are more than twice as high as the blower!


IMG_20150216_093848 This was the back deck this morning…


IMG_20150216_145109 And after the boys got it all shovelled off.  Normally there’s a 4 foot drop to the ground off the deck, but the snow is currently 4 feet taller beside the deck (the poor bushes will be in rough shape when the spring comes!)


I got myself stuck in a drift up to my hip & had to crawl out.  Meanwhile Digby was trying to bite my gloves off thinking I was playing a silly game.  Asher got himself stuck in the snow under the lilac tree.  He was standing straight up, the snow was up to his armpits & he could not move.  I had to help dig him out, & he ended up losing a boot, so we had to dig his boot out too!


Monday is traditionally Dominoes Pizza night, but unfortunately due to the snow, they are closed!  Now we’ll probably starve.

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