Friday, 2 January 2015

The Gift

Since my brothers & I all live far from where our parents live, my mom sent us a few presents for Christmas.  My mom has a tradition of buying the same/similar things for us (to keep it even so we don’t fight!), & after she sent our packages, she wanted to make sure they had arrived.  She sent us a group email…



Hi Everyone,

Did everyone get their book we sent?

Love to all.

Dad and Mom



It's a book? Well now you've ruined the surprise!



We have received the present but have not opened it yet.  Isn't one of the best parts of Christmas the anticipation? :)



Oh for sure!  I felt the present & had a few guesses...  Something from Ikea, a ream of paper, a package of cookies, I can't WAIT to find out what's really in there!



I thought maybe it was a book but it was wrapped so I put it under the tree since there was nothing else there yet.

I guess I could have smelled it, maybe it is a box of chocolates. (life is like that)

Love Kurt and family.



Well you might be surprised!  I was asking because I sent it media rate, which was a lot cheaper, but I didn't know how long it would take to get to you.  They also told me they could open the package to check if it really was media and I better not have anything else in there!


The anticipation was killing us, but we held off opening until Christmas.  It WAS a book after all!  My uncle had recently written his memoir, & my Mom got us all signed copies!  (She had also included him on the email thread, so he could see all the excitement building for the big reveal!)


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