Wednesday, 7 January 2015

“Pulling A Sherilyn”

When PChad & I lived in London, we lived with Geoff & Margaret, an older couple that we met at church.  They invited us to live with them since they had a big house & money was tight for us.  We gratefully accepted, & became part of the family.

At the time, I was working in a Solicitor’s office & I would get home from work around 8pm.  Since I had a work uniform, I’d often go upstairs & change into my pyjamas before supper, so Geoff & Margaret became accustomed to seeing me in my PJs relatively early in the evening.

One night, as PChad & I were watching TV after supper, Geoff popped his head in the TV room, & asked if it would be ok for him to put his pyjamas on.  “Of course!” we replied.  He came downstairs a few minutes later wearing a nightshirt, nightcap, & slippers…

We still stay in contact with Geoff & Margaret, & from time to time they let us know that Geoff still likes to ‘pull a Sherilyn’, meaning he gets his PJs on early.

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