Thursday, 4 September 2014

First Day of School!

Asher & Chancery were super excited for school today!  We did a dry run yesterday, to make sure we could all be ready on time.  So far so good.  We were ready 15 minutes before the bus!


IMG_1344 Asher is going into grade 3, & Chancery is joining him this year for grade 1.  It’s the first time the kids will be in the same school, & hopefully the last time they have to change school for quite awhile.  They are both at the French school now after trying French immersion & doing fine.  Asher needed the challenge of more French, & we decided if Chancery could keep up, we’d send her there too in order to simplify things! (Though I’m not sure my life is being simplified, since all the correspondence is also in French!)


IMG_1345 Can you feel the excitement?


IMG_1347 Waiting patiently for the bus…


IMG_1350 Hooray, 8 hours of freedom!

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