Monday, 29 September 2014

A Little Conference Fun

I was on the planning team for my conference in Toronto, & one of my duties, along with one of the other team members, was to come up with the game.  We decided on group photo challenges, & here are a few of the results!


2014-09-23 16.49.40 “Break the Stereotypes”

Teams had to come up with a photo of a person breaking free of the other teammates.



 2014-09-23 16.53.49 “Think Before You Speak” (or “Hold Your Tongue”)

IMG_1391 ************************************

IMG_1387 “Be Yourself” (or “Be Silly!”)

IMG_1388 “Support Challenge”


We had a really great time of fun & fellowship, along with some great messages from our speaker Ruth Vander Zee.

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