Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 8 years

Chancery – 5.5 years


IMG_1313 Asher: “I have a new game that Grandma gave me!”


IMG_1314 Chancery: “Can my kitty play it?”


IMG_1315 Chancery: “My kitty loves to play games!”


IMG_1316 Asher: “You have to jump over the pegs, so you only have 1 peg left at the end.  It’s really hard!”


IMG_1317 Chancery: “Well, my kitty is really smart.”


IMG_1318 Asher: “I have tried & tried, but the best I can get is 2 pegs left.”


IMG_1319 Asher: “It’s driving me crazy!”



Chancery: “That sounds like a great game, Asher!”

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