Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chancery’s 6!

Yesterday was Chancery’s birthday, & she was lucky to get to celebrate with Grandpa & Grandma too!

IMG_3740 Chancery decided she really wanted to make a birthday hat, then she hooked a string to a pipe-cleaner & looped it on her arm to keep the hat on!

IMG_3727 Birthday tradition says that the birthday kids gets to choose the restaurant for dinner!  Chancery chose Pizza Delight, & enjoyed a free birthday pizza!



IMG_3749 Chancery received pink headphones (Which she had already used on the trip to New York, but since they were really a birthday gift, I wrapped them up for her to open)!


IMG_3759 A bracelet from Grandpa & Grandma


IMG_3761 A new book!


IMG_3767 Necklace


IMG_3776 Then it was cake time!  Chancery chose an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, & a friend also made a cake for her!


IMG_3782 Happy Birthday, Chancery!

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