Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 8 years

Chancery – 5.5 years


IMG_1155 Chancery: “It’s a bit chilly out here.  Let’s get crackin’!”


IMG_1156 Asher: “I have a really loose tooth, but it just won’t come out!”


IMG_1157 Chancery: “Want me to try to get it out, Asher?”



Asher: “No thanks…  I’m 8 years old today!”


IMG_1160 Chancery: “And I’m still 5!”


IMG_1159 Asher: “Maybe when you are 8 you can have a cool watch like I have, Chancery!”


IMG_1161Chancery: “That sounds good.  Happy Birthday, Asher!!”

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