Saturday, 28 June 2014

Saving the Day, One Lock at a Time

Yesterday Henry & Vincent (our Home-stay boys) decided to ride their bikes downtown for the day, & spend some time at the library.  Around noon, they called me that they couldn’t get their bike lock unlocked.  I told them to ask at the library if there was a maintenance person who could cut the lock for them.  They asked, but the maintenance worker was not allowed to cut it off for them because they had no way to verify that the bikes were theirs.  It totally made sense.


So, I got another phone call that they needed me to come downtown & save them.  I know we have a bolt cutter, but I had a feeling that it was out at PChad’s shop.  I looked around the garage & the basement, but couldn’t find it, & I couldn’t find a hacksaw either.


So, on my way downtown, I stopped at the local greenhouse which is owned by some friends from church, to see if they had a bolt cutter I could borrow.  Unfortunately Mr Charlie was on lunch break, & they other employee I found wasn’t sure they had a bolt cutter at all.  I told him I’d take a hacksaw, but that lead to a bunch of questions about petty theft!  After assuring him I wasn’t going to do anything illegal, he looked in the back room & found the bolt cutter for me!


So the kids, & I marched up the the library carrying the large tool down the street, & I managed to cut my first lock!  I then loaned the boys a keyed lock that I had brought, & warned them not to loose the key!  I didn’t want to have to go through that whole ordeal again!  Fortunately it all worked out.  I wonder what other adventures we’ll get up to while PChad’s away!

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