Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Pictures

Asher – 7.5 years

Chancery – 5.5 years


IMG_1060 Chancery: “He’s not coming, Mum!”


IMG_1061 Chancery: “And I’m asking him in a nice voice and everything!”


IMG_1062 Asher: “I can see him, he’s getting closer!”


IMG_1063 Chancery: “There he is!”


IMG_1064 Asher: “I think he’s toying with us, Chancery.”


IMG_1065 Digby: “I am totally messing with their heads!”

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  1. Hi Dominee,

    How are you?

    Sorry if I make too many mistakes while Im writing this message it because my native language is Spanish.
    I was looking to your blogspot and I think you have a beautiful family, your life seem to be perfect, thats the way you transmit it.
    My name is Melina, and Im 25. I come from Uruguay, its a small country about 3 million people in south america.
    As a any normal women of this world my dream is to have a family like yours. A beautiful reason to wake up every day.

    I have been thinking about moving to Canada for living next year and Im just trying to find out people how are living in there. People like you how can tell me how is it to live there.

    Would you like to tell me your story?

    Kind regards,