Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Grocery Shopping Can Be Exciting!

Yesterday I had to take the kids grocery shopping, since we have been running low on several items, & they were not in school, so I was unable to roam the aisles alone.  I prepped the kids for the impending shopping trip, which they responded to with moans of disappointment.  I figured they were at about the end of in home entertainment & would be glad for the outing, but I was wrong.  Then I reminded them about the free cookies, & they were raring to go!


In the store they helped me get some produce, then begged to go see their lobster friends.  Then it was on to the bakery!  While the kids 250px-Macaroons_in_detailhad been distracted by the lobsters I had perused the 1/2 price bakery rack, & found a box of macaroons.


The kids got their cookies, fought over whose torn it was to hang on the front of the cart, helped me get juice & yogurt, then Asher noticed the macaroons & exclaimed, “Oh yay!  You got those coconut things that I don’t know the name of!”


We ended up with 3 pretty happy shoppers at the end of it, & they also helped me put stuff away!  Maybe summer grocery shopping won’t be so bad after all!

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