Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What a Way to Spend Islander Day!

Yesterday was Islander Day, so the kids had off from school.  We had made plans to go to Mr Harrie & Miss Geesje’s farm in the morning, so after breakfast, we waited for PChad to clear the snow off the driveway & off we went!  We always head to the barn first, & the kids were delighted that one of their favourite cats “Butterfinger” was there to greet them & be pet.


There were also twin calves born that morning, so we got to see the 2 tiny heifers.  One of the calves in the calf pens really wanted to get out & see us.  Every time we passed in front of her pen, she would stretch her neck out & try to lick us.  She even licked Butterfinger, which the kids found really funny!  Chancery got licked by a cow as well, but apparently she didn’t taste very good, because that cow sure shook her head a lot afterward!


Then we went into the house for coffee time!  Mr Harrie has been teaching Asher how to play cribbage, & they played for quite awhile.  Chancery made some playdough with Miss Geesje, & I just drank lots of coffee!


After we left the farm, we headed to the MOVIE THEATRE!  We had gotten a coupon from a cereal box, so PChad & I decided to take the kids to see Frozen.  It was only playing at 12:30, so PChad brought burgers, & we had a lunch of burgers & popcorn during the movie.  We all had a great time at the movie, & I think it is one of the best ones Disney has made in the last while.


We headed back home & the kids had a bit of rest-time, then we played for awhile, & ordered Domino’s Pizza for dinner!  It was a busy, but very enjoyable day!

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