Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January Trip

Since December is always a very busy time for us, we try to take a weekend away in January.  This year we headed to Moncton.  We stayed at a hotel with a waterslide, & happened to get a room with bunk beds!  I will definitely be requesting bunk beds again!  Had I known this was an option, I would have been asking at every hotel we have stayed at for the past few years.  (It is a lot harder to kick your sibling when you are in bunk beds!) 


The weekend was great.  The kids had a fun morning swimming, the parents had a fun afternoon at Costco & Princess Auto, & we all had a great time at Crystal Palace!


IMG_0892 The Jumpin’ Star is very exciting!

IMG_0894 Asher is pumped for the roller coaster!


IMG_0897 Chancery really enjoyed mini golf this year.  She played the whole course twice!


IMG_0899 Back on the roller coaster for another ride!


IMG_0900 And the kids enjoyed a final ride on the Convoy.


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    1. Great memories. Moms these days are so lucky to have good cameras and can take lots of beautiful pictures! Our photos were so grainy and cost lots of money just to get developed.