Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Church Picnic 2013

July First was the Annual Church Picnic, & we had pretty nice weather, not too many bugs, & lots of fun!



Asher’s Sunday School class had a potato sack race.  The instructions were, “Hop to the end, hop around the can & come back.”



As you can see, Asher had some difficulty with what he was supposed to do…




Chancery’s Sunday School class had 2 teams which filled up a cup, ran it down the field & tried to fill their bucket first.



Chancery tried hard, but her teammates were not all that concerned about winning… 


There was a bit of confusion every time the cup was passed to the next person, but the kids all had fun.


During the last part of the race, Chancery ran into another kid, & her cup of water got all over her shirt.  She was pretty upset about it, but then they handed out the prizes, & she got some princess hairclips.  Princess hairclips make everything better!


After lunch it was time for the adult games!


We had to run down the field, put on a scuba mask, lifejacket & flippers, then run back.  We also had 2 buckets which we had to walk down the field with 2 other team members moving the buckets for us to take our next step in.



The last part of the challenge was to stack 6 straw bales into a tower & get all your team members back across the line while your tower was still standing.



Once again, the games were a lot of fun, & it was great to see all the teams getting so into it!

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