Wednesday, 29 May 2013


As I was driving the kids home from church the other day Asher had a burning question…


Asher: “Mum, when I am old enough to drive, will they teach me where to go too?  Because I’ll be old enough to drive, but I don’t know how to get to places!”


Me:  “As you get older you’ll start to pay more attention, & you’ll just know how to get to most of the places you need to go.”


Asher: “But I don’t even know the way to my school!”


The week before, PChad & I had gone on a retreat & left the kids with a sitter.  She had to drive Asher to school & wasn’t entirely sure where to go, so had asked him to help navigate.  Apparently he wasn’t much help & she had to Google it instead.  Asher stewed over it all week, & it had become a bit of a worry for him…

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