Friday, 3 May 2013

Big Kids

One of the boys on Asher’s bus lives just down the road from us.  This boy is a bit older than Asher, & we were asking Asher if he knew how old “J” is.


“I don’t know, but he’s one of the big kids.  My teacher tells me at recess that I have to stay with the kindergartners.  I don’t like to play with the kindergartners.  I would much rather play with the big kids.  I really like ‘J’ and his mates.”


It is a bit telling of the social interactions at school.  Asher’s teachers have been concerned with some of Asher’s behaviour this year, & we have been suspicious that part of it is due to him not having a lot in common with the other kids his age.  For the last week, Asher has been heading down to visit ‘J’ after school almost everyday, & we have seen a vast improvement in his behaviour at school as well.


Yesterday we got a note home from the teacher that Asher had been hit in the head with a ball, but seemed to be fine.  When we asked Asher what happened…


“Well, I was following ‘J’ around, & he was on the basketball court.  But then I couldn’t see him anymore, so I was just walking around looking for him.  Then I saw him again, & I was just watching him throw the ball into the basket with the other big kids, & I was counting how many times they got it in.  But then one of the boys threw the ball in from the bottom of the net & it came out the top.  It came right down at me & I just didn’t move out of the way in time.”

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