Friday, 5 April 2013

Trying to Pull One Over…

Most mornings around here start with the kids joining us in bed for awhile before we get up.  Some days we read books, & on days when the kids don’t have school we allow them to play games on the tablet, or phone, or the DS.


Asher came into our room this morning & asked, “May I go get my DS?”


PChad: “No, it’s a school day.”


Asher hasn’t had school the last two Fridays, so he answered, “No, I don’t have school on Fridays.”


PChad: “Yes you do, & today is a school day.”


Asher: “But I had a dream that God told me I don’t have to go to school today!”


It was a valiant effort on his part, but we still made him go to school…

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