Monday, 1 April 2013

School Project

On the last day of school before March break, Asher came home with a paper stating that he needed to make some sort of transportation he could drive, or would like to drive, & bring it into the class to show everyone.  Well, we read the paper, & then lost it, so we went with what we remembered from the sheet, & started making a big, huge project.  It was too big.  I said “This is too big!  It won’t fit in my truck!  This can’t be what the teacher meant!”  So, I emailed the teacher for some clarification, & was told that most students make a small model, or something along those lines.


Back to the drawing board we went.  Asher said he wanted to make a Banzai Bill.  We looked through the recycling bin & created a rocket ship, painted it, & decorated it.  It is smaller.  It will fit in my truck.  Asher is pleased with it.  I think we hit all the necessary criteria.


This is the front view



Bottom view, of course it had to have a flying Mario on it!



And the top view.

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