Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Mother’s Day Gift

We have Coffee Break at our church on Tuesday mornings, & last week was the final week of it.  There are different classes for the kids, separated by age groups.  Chancery’s group made necklaces for all the Mums last week.  My friend JJ came up the stairs wearing her gift from her daughter, but Chancery insisted that I couldn’t open mine until Mother’s Day.  Since I had seen JJ’s, I knew what my gift would be, & I figured it would be similar to hers.


When I opened my gift on Sunday morning, I was a bit surprised at the difference between the necklace JJ had been wearing, & the one Chancery gave me.  Here’s JJ’s necklace…




And here is the one Chancery gave me…


Notice that there is a knot right at the centre of the necklace, so my beads all hang on one side.  Chancery told me, “You can wear it when you have your jammies on!”  I think I just might!

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