Monday, 28 May 2012

Baby Kitties

Saturday afternoon, I brought the kids out to Miss Geesje’s farm to see the kittens.  I reminded the kids over & over to be gentle, Asher did really well, Chancery had a harder time of it.


At one point I told the kids that they shouldn’t cross the driveway with the kittens, since they might not know that cars are dangerous.



Chancery: “And then the kitty might get killed by a car, & then the mummy kitty would be sad about her babies.  She would have to lay more kitty eggs, & then wait & wait for them to hatch!”


Chancery was very excited during the explanation about her baby kitty eggs, though a bit misguided.


Me: “Cats don’t lay eggs, they just have baby kitties.”


Chancery: “And then they are teeny tiny like mice, & then they grow up, & up, & up into bigger kitties!”


Whew!  We salvaged that one!

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