Monday, 3 October 2011

Return Visit

After my parents left, they boarded a cruise ship with my Aunt Joyce & Uncle Winson, which had a stop in Charlottetown.


Chancery & I got to spend the day as tour guides, showing them a bit of the Island.



As we were waiting at the harbour, Chancery met a friend.  She went up & asked the Mountie, “Where’s your horse?”  He chatted with her for a few minutes until Grandpa & Grandma arrived with Uncle Winson & Aunt Joyce.



The weather was nice, but cool, so after an obligatory stop at Tim Horton’s, we were off to Green Gables.  Chancery kept asking, “Where’s Anne?” but we never saw her.

I think she only hangs around in the summer.



Chancery was really enjoying another day with her Grandparents, & “the other Grandpa & Grandma”, as she kept referring to Uncle Winson & Aunt Joyce.



We stopped by the beach…



but it was pretty cold & windy, so we didn’t stay long.




After lunch, we took our tourists out to Mr. Harrie & Miss Geesje’s farm.




  My parents had such a good time when they were there a few weeks before, that they asked if they could go back again!



Mr. Harrie & Miss Geesje graciously hosted us for tea & a farm tour.



We picked Asher up after school, & our last stop of the day was to the Poffertjes shop!


Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye again.  The next morning, Asher asked, “How many more days until Grandma & Grandpa come back again?”  He was a bit disappointed when I told him it wouldn’t be ‘til after Christmas!

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