Thursday, 15 September 2011


I’d like to start out this post by admitting that I am a negligent parent.  It didn’t occur to me on the first two days of school to take Asher’s “first day of school” pictures.  It did occur to me on the third day of school, but it was raining.  On the forth day of school, we were running late.


Week two began, & I thought, I’ll take a “first Monday of school” picture… I forgot.  So, day 6, I finally remembered.


I told Asher to stand on the step & smile…  The sun was in his eyes.



Here we go.



Then Chancery joined us…



…and got in on the crazy action.


Asher is loving school.  He’s in French immersion this year, since he’s already reading at a second grade level, we figured he needed a bit of a challenge.  So far in six days, he’s worn his inside shoes home twice.  We’re working on remembering things…

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