Tuesday, 6 September 2011

End of Summer Field Trip

On a bright, sunny day I decided to take the kids to the Eastern tip of the island, to the tiny town of Elmira, to visit the train museum.  After driving, & driving, & driving, we finally made it!


The kids enjoyed playing on the train in the playground, crawling over, under & through the train cars.



After a rushed viewing of the actual museum, we went on the train ride!  I was pleasantly surprised that it was such a long ride.



I think the ride must have been around 20 minutes or so, & there were lots of things to see along the tracks.  The kids were kept entertained looking for the painted animals hidden in the brush.



Even I had a good time!



After taking a few pictures, Asher admonished me for leaning out the side of the seat.  “Mummy, it says ‘no leaning!’”

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