Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Chancery has decided to answer questions with “Yeah” rather than “Yes” lately, and PChad & I have been trying really hard to correct that habit of hers.  Of course, that makes us more conscious of all the times WE say “Yeah” as well.


So, we ask her a question, she answers, “Yeah!” we ask her to say “yes” instead, & on it goes.


Of late, she has decided this can become a fun game.  When we ask her to say “yes,” she instead started answering, “Yes, SIR!”  I tried telling her that I’m not a sir, but she just got more determined that this was a funny answer.


Better yet, a few days ago instead of saying, “Yes, Sir,” she began to answer with, “Yes, in the army!”  We were a bit puzzled until we heard Asher singing, “I’m in the Lord’s Army…” later that night.


Watching a child’s sense of humour develop is a wonderful thing.

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