Monday, 3 December 2007


The other day I was thinking how cool it would be if life had a playback button. Not a REWIND button, as most people would prefer I'm sure, but just a playback. Like if your whole life were recorded, and you could just take an hour every now and then to review something. "That's what we have memories for!" I can hear you say, but they don't always stay true to how things were either. And I'm not just talking about WATCHING things in the past, but also to remember the feelings you had while you were in that moment. Ok, this would be nice for big things like your wedding, or the birth of your children (minus the painful parts), but also for some decisions you made. Sometimes I wonder what was going through my head when I made some decisions, not that I want to change them, I'm perfectly happy with where those choices have gotten me, but I just wonder what was going on in the snippets of memory that aren't there anymore, you know?
For instance, I'd like to see the part of my life where Katie and April and I made our club in the woods. Some of the times when our whole neighbourhood would get together in the evenings and play softball on the field across from our house. I'd like to relive some of the Cross Country races from highschool. I want to remember more of the times I spent with Theresa in junior high. The 8th grade camping trip to Oswald West state park. Camping with the youth group at Jesus Northwest & Creation. Clarissa and I shopping at Value Village. Dordt pit parties, and going to Twisters. Dancing with Ian & Fiona at Walkabout in London. Playing Dutch Blitz with the cousins at Christmas. Camping with Rubinos. I remember these times were fun, but I don't remember anything really specific about them. Maybe part of that comes with getting older, that your memory fails you more.... But I don't even just mean the good times. Sometimes I'd like to be able to remember the rotten times better too, maybe so I could see how far past that I've gotten......
I suppose in some ways this should also be a lesson to cherish the everyday times more right now so I DO remember more later in life..... and take lots of PICTURES!!
(and if any of you could help out with any of these memorable moments, I'd welcome your reminiscence.)


  1. Ah the fort. Well it was there when my parents bought the house but we just made it better. Truthfully I can't remember it all but I feel like I can. I can remember the big softball games I always liked that. And I also remember playing capture the flag in your yard. That was always fun. Also the jumping tree...or hitting cars with pine cones. Even though we got in trouble or the raspberry fight and then your mom beating you. I can always remember that part clear as day. "Helping" you with your homework and your chores, I tell you what you had it way worse the April and I ever did. When I really think about it, I didn't have to do anything at home, except empty the dishwasher. Okay well now that I have said a TON of stuff I will go. But I do wish I could go back to the day I meet Travis. I can remember it but I always loved that feeling I had with him that first day. You know not knowing if it is or isn't going to work out. I wish I could do that again.

  2. How about playing hide and seek in the ivy bushes? OR, Sherilyn hoggin' all the two-ers when playing with legos? I can even think of some simple things like "raid the pantry," gooey-duckin', paying club dues up in the fort, jolly rancher candies from the Texaco station up the highway, or supposedly keeping the same package of bubble tape inside the pre-school bus.

    Other moments at Sherilyn's house.... finding out the hard way that not everyone knew where Seward Alaska was, earning raffle tickets to redeam for tv time, carrot self regeneration, and convincing her parents to let her see one of the "Bill and Ted" movies when she was 13 and later getting into trouble.

    We did tend to get into trouble every now and then :)

    Believe it or not I did pull out a picture for you when I was home for Thanksgiving. I'll have to scan it and send in an e-mail to you tonight!

  3. For the record, it was Wayne's World... still a good flick.

  4. I agree. I was just thinking the other day about all the great and not so great times we had in jr. high. Remember when you hurt your finger on our camping trip? We spent quite a bit of time at the doctor's office. Remember the Christy Miller series? I actually looked at the Bible book store a few months ago...they don't carry them anymore. Were you at the party where the whole class was playing suck and blow? Sometimes it would be nice to practically be there again: to hear the sounds and smell the smells. I'll have to see if I can dig out some pictures. Maybe I can email them to you!

    I miss ya. We have got to see eachother more than just once every ten years.