Monday, 12 November 2007


The other day I heard someone say they were afraid of death. I started thinking about that, and I kinda think it's silly (if you're a Christian) to be afraid of death. Maybe the actual dying part, being painful, but after you're dead you get to be with God. We live in an imperfect world where there is hurt, pain, sadness, sickness.... (you get the idea). But when we get die, that's all gone. We'll be in heaven where everything is perfect. I actually LOOK FORWARD to dying! What on earth could be better than getting to heaven and meeting God? I'm not saying that it'd be easy for those I leave behind to deal with me not being here if I was to die in the near future, but for myself, there's nothing better than being with Jesus. Sometimes when we hear that someone has died we say they have gone to a better place, and I totally believe that. With that in mind, I live life as if I'll die today, and as if I'll die in 100 years. Either way, I honestly can't wait to be with Jesus.

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