Monday, 19 March 2007


Well, it's been awhile since I wrote, so I figured I should. The snow is pretty much all melted now. It was taller than my mailbox last week. Now I have an ugly brown lawn to look at. I suppose it's better than slogging thru slush. I'm really looking forward to nice weather again. Last summer I was in maternity clothes, this summer I will return to short and t-shirts...... at least if it's warm enough.

We are in the process of selling our house. I find it quite stressful b/c now I have to keep all our stuff hidden in closets, and the baby gates are gone. Asher decided the radio wasn't loud enough the other day, so he pulled the speaker onto his walker so he could carry it around.... the wires only stretch so far though! I think the hardest part though is keeping the house clean. I've never been good at vacuuming regularly, and I tend to leave dusting for a few months at a time, and now I have to try to keep up and do them EVERY WEEK just in case someone wants to see the house. :)


  1. Hey I'll come over and clean the bathrooms and then April can rake the carpet and you can do the dusting. We will have it done in no time flat.

  2. Katie is right. I'd love to rake your carpet. Sometimes it's the simple things that interest me...