Saturday, 1 June 2019

Have a Cow!

Chad & Asher were gone for a few days last week, so Chancery & I were left home alone to fend for ourselves.  On Wednesday afternoon we set out to deliver Asher's newspapers, & as we were walking past the neighbour's garbage bins I noticed a large painting with a "FREE" sign on it.  The neighbour was standing on his driveway, so I asked if I could have it & he said yes!

I quickly brought my free painting home, not knowing where I'd put it, but I figured I could find a spot for such a beautiful piece of art.  I set it in the front room, & dashed off to help Chancery on the paper route.  

As I passed the neighbour the second time, he said, "Thank you!"

I replied "You're welcome!  Thank you, I love my new painting!"

He then responded, "You're Welcome."  I could tell  he wasn't eager for this particular exchange to continue, so I walked onward.

When we returned home I noticed that the colours really complemented the front room, so I added sticky hooks to my list, so I could hang the portrait in the place of honour above the fireplace.

Friday I had all the supplies I needed, so I called my friend & asked her to help me hang my painting.  We did some calculations to figure out the best placement for the 2 hooks in order to have the painting both centered & level.  I knew there was no way Chad would let me keep my new artwork of it was hung crooked or off center!

I decided to not say anything, & see how long it would take for Chad to notice.  Asher walked in the door & immediately said, "Funny, mom says we have too much stuff in this house, then we leave for a few days & she goes out & buys a new painting!"

But it was FREE, & it is BEAUTIFUL, & it's a COW!

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  1. I really LOVE it. And it looks GREAT on the grey wall!!
    Nice story as well!! ;)