Thursday, 15 October 2015

New Groups

Every time we move, I try to find a new Bible Study group to join.  Sometimes the new church we are in has one, & sometimes they don't.  When they don't, I peruse the area churches online & see what they have going on.  This morning I went to a church about 20 minutes away, & as I had been warned beforehand, the group consisted of 10 ladies who were at least twice my age.  Every single one of these ladies had an accent, mostly Dutch.

When I came in the room, they greeted me & then told me what normally happens.  "We sing a song, & read the Bible, then we have coffee & snacks.  After that we do the devotion, then we sing again & have more coffee!"  Very formal, but you know what to expect!

I thoroughly enjoyed the study & company of the women, but what really made me smile was after our second round of coffee, one of the women beside me was telling about how she had bumped her leg at the doctor's office last week, & before she knew it she had  exclaimed, "Potverdekke!"  Then she had to apologize to the doctor for saying it even though he had no idea what she had said.  I don't know many Dutch words, but I knew that one!

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