Monday, 22 June 2015

Asher Turns 9! (part 1)

Due to a hectic weekend schedule, we celebrated Asher's birthday a little early.

 Asher had asked for an ice cream cake, so Chancery & I went to DQ to pick one out.  I was too late for a good photo of it, but Chancery picked one that looked like a watermelon with some large ants on it.

Asher made a birthday list of things he'd like...

He was quite pleased to have his first 3DS game!

And it's a Mario game!

Grandma got Asher a giant Mad Libs book!
(he's been asking us for ad-JEC-tives all morning long)

Asher likes watching PChad play Zelda, so a Zelda book seemed like a good gift

And the final gift...

"I think this is from Grandma Toots.  She always buys me big Lego!" 

"Happiest picture ever!"

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