Monday, 16 March 2015

Where Are We?

You might be saying to yourself, “Sherilyn is normally so good about posting Sunday Pictures, but there were none yesterday.  Are they on a trip?”  Well, it is March Break, but we didn’t go anywhere, & even if we wanted to, there’d be no getting out now!

  IMG_1689 We had another blizzard yesterday, & if I took Sunday pictures, you would have seen us playing Mario Kart & watching Star Wars.


IMG_1690 Today it is still snowing & blowing, but PChad decided it was time to assess the snow drifts.


IMG_1691 There’s a door just to the right of the wood pergola, but we couldn’t open it this morning!


2015-03-16 11.10.57

This is our back deck, it had no snow at all on it yesterday morning…


2015-03-16 11.11.18

Maybe we should take the snowflakes off the door, they seem to be attracting real snowflakes!

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