Thursday, 27 March 2014

Creative Writing

Asher is a logical thinker.  He has always had difficulties with imaginative play & creative writing.  We have been trying to help him improve in this area, & tonight he really seemed to get it!  Here is the story he wrote:


What If Toys Could Move By Themselves?

I open the door to my room.  I see Dad’s rocket flying around the room,  The pilot waves at me and then keeps on flying.  The trucks are driving (all by themselves!)  My trains wave, at me!  The whirlpool* was made real, and I fell in!  Only then did I realize that all the commotion was because a genie was underneath our house!


I wish that all the commotion WOULD STOP!!!” I said.


I went up the whirlpool and then… peace.  “Finally!!” I said.


**Asher built a Lego “whirlpool” out of some of his Lego pieces a few days ago.

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