Friday, 16 August 2013

Present Day!

IMG_0209In keeping with tradition at our house, we had Chancery’s cake & present opening day the day after her birthday.  When you are trying to coordinate, cake eating, bedtimes, meeting schedules, & the girls’ work schedules, this seems to be the only way we can make it work.


Cake is done, let the present opening commence!



Chancery was very excited about her new water bottles for school that she got from Grandpa & Grandma!



Chancery knew I had a box of beanie baby kitties in the basement & has been hounding me for the black one.  She was ecstatic to get it as a present!



Chancery had never seen the first Despicable Me movie, so on day 3 of her birthday celebrations she finally got to see it, & “it was awesome!”



The last present had lots of tape…


She almost needed help…



And it was a box full of Polly Pockets!



Asher may or may not have spent the evening playing with the Polly Pockets with Chancery, but at bedtime he said, “Why would I have played with those dolls?  Dolls are for girls!”

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