Thursday, 14 March 2013

So Much Excitement!

Asher had last Friday & this Monday off of school while the school staff moved everything into the newly built school building.  Chancery was in school, & I had my regular errands to run, so Asher came along with me.  He was very excited to see what I do when he’s in school


Friday started with a few stops to pick up items from people I had bought items from off Kijiji.  After that I we had a coffee & donut at Tim Horton’s, then we were off to Zellers for the last week of their closing sale.  We also managed to look around the dollar store while at the mall, & then Asher requested we stop at Value Village to look at books.


Monday is grocery day, so the two of us headed to the grocery store.  Asher wasn’t all that excited about this errand until I reminded him that kids get cookies from the bakery section.  We came home & I let him play his DS while I put all the groceries away.


Tuesday morning was full of excitement as it was the first day in the new school building.  As we were walking out the door Asher asked, “Mum, during March break, can we do all the things you normally do when I’m at school?  I want you to show me what you do.”


I think he has this notion that I go & do all kinds of fun things while the kids are gone.  I answered him, “That’s what we did on Friday & Monday, Asher.  All those errands that  we did, those are the kinds of things that I do when you kids are in school.”


It is safe to say he was extremely disappointed, but maybe now he won’t be so eager to stay home from school in the future!

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