Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Old Books

In our house, we treasure books.  Some of my favourite books are old kids books.  Some from when I was little, & some from even before that!  I find the old stories quite fun, & the different wording is quite interesting.  Some of our favourites happen to be Golden Books.

Chancery was looking at a stack of books during her rest time today, & when I went into her room, she said, “I’m not done all these books that you gave me!  I’m reading this one, but I don’t like the Chubby Chuck Chewie…  Who is this girl anyway?”

This was the book in question…

The book Chancery had just finished was lying nearby, & I pointed out that it was the same character as the girl in the bird book…il_fullxfull.232295493

I always loved the illustrations in these books, but apparently they are disturbing to Chancery!

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