Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Following Instructions

Lately we’ve been having a bit of trouble with Chancery at nap time.  Apparently her stuffed dog “Ginger” has a bit of a talking issue, & talks & talks & talks, keeping her awake for most of her nap (suspicious, no?)


So, as I put her down for nap yesterday, I warned her not to talk, & then I warned Ginger, that if she was caught talking, I’d take her away & put her in the closet.


Chancery took a nice, long quite nap.  When she awoke, she proudly announced, “I was so quiet, & I didn’t talk at all!  I didn’t tell you that my pants leaked & my bed is all wet!”


Me: “Was your bed wet for a long time, or a little bit of time?”


Chancery: “My bed was wet the longest time ever!”


Awesome.  I guess I’ll have to be more specific in my instructions from now on, & add that if she has issues with her pants, that she is allowed to voice them.

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