Monday, 2 January 2012

Oh, Hello!

I’ve been negligent about blogging, but we’ve had a busy Christmas Season!  We’ve had snow, coughs, flu, gifts, & more snow!  While we’ve enjoyed our break from the normal activities, I think we’re about ready to get back to our regularly scheduled program!



The kids decided to have a snow picnic after our first major snowfall… yes, they ate snow.



This dump truck has remained on our picnic table as a good way to gauge how much snow we have.  Currently it is sitting on a wet, puddly table bereft of snow, but it has been totally covered in the last week.



This is the first snowman built after the first snow storm.  We raided the fridge to give him a face, complete with broccoli eyes!



Chancery was elated to get a Suggie of her own.  Asher began complaining right away, “Why don’t I get a Snuggie?”



…and he did!



Asher helped Daddy build the second “Snowperson” of the season…  apparently this one is a woman.



Asher figured since PChad did so much of the work that he should have his picture taken too.


And that is what we did on our Christmas vacation!

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