Thursday, 15 December 2011

Chocolates & Santa

Chancery & I were at the store to buy a birthday card for her friend Corbin’s birthday party.  While in line, Chancery noticed all the candy bars displayed below the counter…


Me: “Please don’t touch the candy, Chancery.”


Chancery: “Are these for my friend, Corbin?”


Me: “No, he doesn’t need any.”


Chancery: “Are these for me?”


Me: “No, they are for other people to buy.”


Chancery: “For other people to buy for me?”


Me: “Nice try, no.”


The lady behind us started laughing midway through this little exchange, & jumped into the conversation:

“Oh, now she definitely should get one!  She’s so clever!”


Really?  Now I have to explain to the random lady that my kid doesn’t need a chocolate bar, when I just finished explaining it to my 3-year old?  What would I be teaching her if I bought her a candy bar now?


The lady turns to Chancery: “Santa will bring you a candy bar.”


I couldn’t believe it!  Now she’s making promises to my kid about what she’s getting for Christmas!  I loved Chancery’s response…


Chancery: “Santa isn’t real.”


Lady: “Oh my Gawd!!!  At her age?”


Chancery: “It’s not nice to say ‘Oh my God’.”


Lady: “Who told her Santa isn’t real?”


Me: “I did.”


Lady: “Why would you do such a thing, at her age?”


Me: “That’s not what Christmas is about.  It’s about Jesus!”


At this the cashier joined in too: “Amen!”


Lady: “But you can let her have a little fun!  Santa’s just something fun to do!”


Me: “And at what age do you tell your kids that you’ve been lying to them all along?  They’re going to start wondering what else you’ve been lying to them about.”


Cashier: “That’s right!”


Chancery: “Mummy, can I have this kind of candy bar?”


  1. Amen! How cool it would have been to be a fly on the wall for that conversation! Blessed Christmas, Sherilyn!

  2. I agree 100%! When Lexie was younger she told some of her friends that Santa wasn't real, and I got some angry phone calls from their parents. Lexie never once got in trouble from us for speaking the truth! Merry Christmas!