Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Our Upcoming Trip

We are planning a trip to England this spring & decided there was a deal to go to Ireland for a week that we really couldn't pass up. We were discussing it at the dinner table & Chad asked Asher if he wanted to go to Ireland. Asher replied, "Des!" So we asked him to say Ireland. His reply was, "Ireland, Walmart!" He really does love his trips to Walmart, any time we are going somewhere, he'll say "Walmart." So, we had to explain there is no Walmart in Ireland. Poor guy looked so disappointed..........


  1. Wow lucky you!! I would love to go to Ireland. My kids feel the same way about Walmart. Stupid store is brainwashing our children!!

  2. We're planning to go to Ireland in a couple years so I'll be excited to hear about places you want and what you like best (and least).