Saturday, 6 October 2007


Let me tell you a funny story.....

Somehow, since we moved, most of my placemats are missing. So I went to Walmart to purchase some new ones. (Now, keep in mind, if you will, that I am a cheapskate.) To my astonishment, placemats cost upwards of $2 EACH! I was planning on purchasing 8 lovely, matching placemats. I looked for some cheaper ones. I found a 4-pack for $5. Sounds pretty good, right? They were made of plastic though, so they were not the ideal placemat. As had been evidenced by my spilling my drink on my mother-in-law the previous week, I needed to get cloth ones so they could absorb spills. I looked further. I found a clearance shelf! They had yellow and blue placemats for $0.66 each! What a bargain! I bought 4 of each colour, and happily went home. I soon discovered why they had been such a deal, or perhaps why they were not a great deal after all. They were made of.... wait for it folks..... PAPER! They look great for one meal, until your butter-covered knife falls off the side of your plate and leaves a big greasy stain on the PAPER placemats, that b/c they are made of paper, you cannont wash. (incidentally, I did rinse one off, and now it has an interesting ruffled edge, side, and middle.) I suppose at that price they should have been marketed as disposable.


  1. Sherilyn, this was hilarious!!!

  2. You crack me up! However, I would have done the same thing.

  3. You really use placemats?!? That makes me thing of your mom.