Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Thrift Store Find

A few years ago I was in a thrift shop & one of the volunteers was stocking the shelves.  We'll call her Mary.  Mary turned to me & said, "What section of the store do you suppose I should put this ceramic bathtub in?

It was similar to the one pictured here, & I suggested, "I'd put with nicknacks, as it's clearly meant to be put in a place visible to all!"

"But where would you put it, & what would you put in it?" Mary inquired of me.

"Well, if I were you, I would put it on a front hall table, & when my grandkids were leaving I'd say, 'don't forget to get some candy from the bathtub!'"

I don't know why, but I did not purchase that little bathtub that day.  I was living with regret for the past 2 years, always on the hunt for a little bathtub of my own, despite the fact that I have neither a front hall table, nor grandkids.  A few weeks ago, as I was thrift shopping with a friend, I perused the nicknack aisle as I always did, in search of a little bathtub, when lo & behold, I found not one, but TWO!  One was black & yellow & a little too loud for my taste (little candy bathtubs should be elegant after all).  I gleefully deposited the cute bathtub into my cart & took it home to be put in a place of honour...

It's only logical, isn't it?

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