Friday, 19 January 2018

Salty Salt

Last week I had to return a thermometer to Canadian Tire, & since it had been opened, I received a store voucher rather than a refund, so I wandered the store afterward looking for things I could use it on.  I noticed an employee (we'll call him Ed) stacking bags of road salt.

There were a few different piles of salt bags, & I wasn't sure if there was a difference between the stacks, so I asked Ed, "What is the difference between the big bag of salt & the small bag of salt?"

Ed replied, "The big bag is bigger, the small bag is smaller."

Thanks for that Ed!  "Ok then, can you please put a big bag in my cart?"

"I was afraid you were going to ask me to do that!"  But he nicely put the 40kg bag of salt in my cart, then told me, "Make sure you ask for someone to load it in you car when you check out!"

"Ok, I will!" I told him, but when I checked out there was a long line, & my checkout person was an older lady, so I figured I could manage myself.  I got to the car, opened the trunk, put down my purse, took off my coat & turned to the cart to heave out my gigantic bag of salt...

My cart started moving away from me, it didn't want to give up it's prize of salt, so I put my foot on the front of the cart to make it stay, & tried again to no avail.  I realized I was not making the proper sounds, so I said aloud, "1, 2, 3, hrrrggghhh!"  But all the sounds in the world were not going to make that 40 kg bag of salt, jump from my cart to my car.  A nice man in the parking lot (we'll call him Pat) saw my predicament & came to assist me.

Pat said, "That is a heavy load!"

I replied with a smile, "Yes, & I just can't get it to budge!"

Pat graciously offered to help me put it in the car, so I held the cart, & he hefted the bag into the trunk.  As this was happening, I noticed an employee over by the front of the store on a forklift.  It was Ed!  Ed cheerfully yelled across the parking lot, "I TOLD YOU YOU WERE GOING TO NEED HELP!"

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  1. It all made for an opportunity for "Pat" to bring a blessing to you.